Learn how to create Powerpoint Presentations on Samsung Galaxy S3

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and need to create a Powerpoint Presentation then follow these simple steps.

Create Powerpoint Presentation on Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 1 Install Quickoffice Pro on your Samsung Galaxy S3 from the Amazon App Store

PowerPoint on Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 2 Once Quick Office is installed, open the app and tap on Quickpoint

Step 3 Tap on Create New Document

Create presentation on Samsung Galaxy S3
Create presentation on Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 4 Edit the slides in your presentation including text and graphics

Edit PowerPoint presentation on Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 5 Save your presentation on your Samsung Galaxy SIII

Share Your Powerpoint Presentation

You can then distribute the presentation via e-mail or the cloud (DropBox)

The screenshots are from the Quickoffice Pro on the Samsung Galaxy S3!  You can download the Quickoffice Pro app from Amazon.

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