Looking for Five Uses for NFC for your business?

There has been a lot of discussion on blogs and in the media lately about NFC (near field communication) technology.  We have gotten a heavy dose of it thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S3 commercials that have been airing on television. There are multiple uses for NFC, this article introduces you to a few of them and the intention of this information is to give you a starting point.

In most articles and blogs about NFC, they usually highlight the technology for its use in mobile payment systems, but there are other ways to use NFC that can boost your marketing campaigns and to allow your business to outshine your competition.

Here are a few ideas for using NFC to market your business:

1.  NFC enabled music downloads - Samsung has an awesome mobile marketing campaign that allows users to download a new song every week via an NFC tag that is placed on a large advertising display.  Learn more about the Samsung mp3 campaign here. I spotted the Samsung NFC display at an airport in Texas few months ago and look forward to seeing it whenever I travel to Irving.

NFC - Near Field Communications for Marketing

2.  NFC enabled "check ins" - This would involve having NFC enabled tags at your establishments so visitors could check in via Facebook, Foursquare or other social media site. As more owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone become more familiar with this awesome feature, it could become a popular way to engage with customers.

3.  Near Field Communication enabled Twitter - Provide a way for people to follow you on Twitter.  Simple, yet effective.

4.  Near Field Communication enabled contact sharing - NFC tags would work great at a networking event.  Instead of passing out business cards, let someone scan your NFC tag and download your contact information right to their phone.

5.  NFC access to mobile website - Create a NFC tag that leads people to your mobile website.  This works great if you place them on business cards or posters and have them strategically placed at an event or office building.

These are just a few of the many ways that NFC tags can be used for marketing businesses...no matter what size.

Here are some additional resources about NFC and the Samsung Galaxy S3 that you may find helpful.

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