QR Code Scavenger Hunt

QR Code Scavenger Hunt mobile barcode[/caption]A QR Code scavenger hunt is a unique way to engage attendees of your networking events.  With QR codes gaining popularity it would be a sure hit at your events.

SCANVenger Hunt Llc, the original provider of QR code scavenger hunts, has brought their clients much success, for their award winning SCANVenger Hunt™ platform! Scavenger Hunts have been around for a very long time and add a new level of engagement to virtually any type of event including team building, conferences, and networking events. Adding a QR Code scavenger hunt to your events adds a high tech twist and a new way to engage with attendees. The population of smartphone owners is large and growing every day thanks to professionals that have smart phones for their businesses which save costs because no extra equipment is required.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Success

SCANVenger Hunt Llc has served major brands such as PepsiCo, Infiniti and is affiliated with professional organizations including MPI, ASAE, and ADMAE.  The SCANVenger Hunt team works with event planners to create an engaging, memorable experience for events.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Video

Click here to visit the website of the originators of the QR code scavenger hunt http://SCANVengerHunt.biz to learn more.

Create a lasting impression for your next event with the QR code scavenger hunt.

Click here to view the mobile web page for the QR code scavenger hunt

On your computer? Click here to view the full website at http://scanvengerhunt.biz

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