Save time with searching for apps using Google Now. If your are like most owners of smart phones, like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or tablets like Samsung Galaxy Note,  Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. you probably have a lot of apps installed ranging from productivity apps to games.  You try to organize your apps into folders on your mobile devices by labeling them with names such as "Productivity", "Video", "Games", etc.  But sometimes we get ahead of ourselves on downloads and may not remember to organize the apps into the folders we created for them.  When we want to use an app we usually swipe through many pages of apps on our mobile device, often passing the app we are looking for once or twice, in hopes of finding that new productivity app we downloaded a week or so ago, which, at that time, we had every intention on placing it in the appropriate folder. After many swipes through the pages on our mobile devices, we eventually locate it, tap on it and begin the task at hand.  Wouldn't it be nice to locate that app in a few seconds and save time on swiping through tons of apps?  If you have experienced this, read on to see how Google Now can be used to save you time when trying to locate apps on your mobile device.

Follow the steps below to use Google Now to search for apps.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note our other Android Tablet follow these instructions:

Step 1.  Tap on the Google Now icon.
Step 2.  Enter the name of the app that you would like to open.
Step 3.  The results will be displayed below the search box.  Tap on the name of the app to open it.

If you are using an Android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy phone use these instructions:

Step 1.  Long press your home button.
Step 2.  Tap the Google button.
Step 3.  Enter the name of the app you would like to open.
Step 4.  The results will be displayed below the search box.  Tap on the desired app to open it.

I have been doing this since I discovered this cool feature on my Samsung Galaxy Note about a month ago and have found that I have saved a lot of time when searching for and using mobile apps.  Keeping in mind my mantra of providing innovative mobile solutions for forward thinking marketing professionals, I hope that the information I just shared with you will save you time and allow for increased productivity.

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