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Beats by Dre wireless headphones have awesome sound and are available from Amazon! With Amazon Prime, you get them fast. The Beats by Dre wireless headphones connect via bluetooth to your mobile devices and you will not only hear the music, you feel the music!

I recently visited Bestbuy concerning a repair that was needed for a pair of Beats by Dre wireless headphones. One of the earphones stopped working so I took them to Best Buy, since that is where they were originally purchased.

The customer service rep at Best Buy informed me that they can no longer repair them so I should contact Apple. So, I immediately called Apple and spoke with a customer service rep, who answered all of my questions and was very courteous during our call. Their customer service was awesome! But the reason for this article is not about this, it is actually about their use of QR codes!

I received a box from Apple the next day with the necessary information to return the malfunctioning earphones. The instructions were simple, but I wanted to see what was being shared with that QR Code that was included with them! It was begging me to scan it, so I did!

The QR Code leads you to a web page that is very informative and has detailed instructions on returning the Beats by Dre headphones back to Apple for repair. This was done very well for the following reasons:

  • The QR Code had graphics associated with it that visually told a story to the user
  • The QR Code lead you to a mobile friendly web page
  • The mobile web page had useful information that shared detailed instructions for anyone who may have needed it
  • The content on the mobile overall, was nicely formatted and simply made sense!

Listen to the podcast to get more details on how Beats by Dre and Apple used QR codes to educate customers then answer the poll question to let me know what you think!

Learn from the experts at Beats by Dre and Apple on how to properly use QR codes to engage and educate consumers!

I have included photos of the document that Beats by Dre and Apple placed with my package as well as screenshots of the landing page. Take a look as is a very good example of good customer service by using mobile technology!

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