Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas

So, you are looking for creative marketing campaign ideas?
There are tons of resources available online that will provide information on this subject. My intention is to provide a different perspective on marketing using the creative tactics that I have found and have shared on Depending on your budget, time and commitment, you can market your business online and get results!

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Creative marketing campaigns can come by either online marketing campaigns, offline marketing campaigns or both. Marketing your business online or online or offline can be effective with some imagination and creativity!

Top 4 Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Business

  1. Giveaways as an incentive:  Do a giveaway of a gift card for example, for a product or service.  It will not cost you anything and is a great way to promote your small business.  These can be used for anything from gym memberships, and restaurants, to a service such as a full body massage!
  2. Social Media Marketing: Use social media to bring awareness to your business or website. Offer an incentive to people who follow you on social media when doing presentations or at events. Make sure to include your social media name on all of your marketing materials. Click here to access a useful resource for your social media marketing!
  3. Have a Giveaway with Social Media: Do a “#giveaway” using social media. Depending on the type of business you have, you could award a gift card as a prize for a random giveaway. Make sure to include relevant hashtags with your posts! Gift cards are easy, and you can send them via e-mail if you use Amazon Gift Cards!
  4. QR Codes: Use QR Codes to offer specials to customers: QR Codes can be used to connect people to content from the offline to the online world! These are great and they are free! Check out this podcast as it has great information on the purpose of QR Codes.

Social Media

Social media, for example, is a great tool for marketing your business online. I have done some research on the popular social media sites and found the data to be very interesting! See the results below:

What do I need to market online?

What do I need to market my business online? Good question! My answer is probably different than what you may have previously heard or read in a book or online. In my opinion, there is no one answer that fits all, but I will say that you should have a plan with goals and objectives, a website, social media presence, and some imagination and creativity!


Create plan that contains some goals and objectives. Think about what you are intended outcome of your marketing. Is it to increase awareness of your product or service? Increase followers or subscribers?
Think about your audience when creating your plan.  Keep it simple and set your goals.  


What about a budget? How much money do I need to spend? 
Who says that you have to spend money?  As I stated previously, you can market your business online using some imagination and creativity.  Social media is a great example of a free resource for marketing your business.  If you are starting small or testing a new concept or idea, this may be the way to go.  But, I will add that, along with social media, having a website for your business provides a home for your business online.  Thanks to tools like WordPress, it is very easy to create a website.  When creating your website, you will need a hosting company and I highly recommend Bluehost (I am a client and have been very pleased with their service).  One of the features that helped me to make my final decision about using Bluehost was the fact that they provided free SSL security for my site!
You could also pay for ads for social media or paid search through services such as Google AdWords.  What you spend will depend on your budget and how you set up your ad campaign.

Imagination and Creativity – Make the Best Marketing Campaigns

This is the where the fun begins!  With all of the information shared above include fun and creativity!  People get people, they feel realness.  So be creative when creating your plan and plan to be creative!  You will stand out from the crowd and you will create opportunities for people to connect with you and your brand.
In conclusion, keep the following in mind when marketing your business online:
  • Plan: be creative with your plan, allow yourself to be creative and have fun
  • Budget: money or time? You decide…you can also have a combination of the two.
  • Website: this is a great way to provide a home in the virtual world for your business. Remember to check out Bluehost for your WordPress website or blog.

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  7. Free and premium themes
  8. Automatic WordPress Installation
  9. Bluehost supports over 2 millions websites worldwide (and they can host yours too!)
  10. 24/7 WordPress Hosting Support (One of my favorite features! They are also very friendly)

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