How to Scan QR Code with Galaxy S9 in 4 Easy Steps with Photos

This post will show you how to easily scan QR Codes with your Galaxy S9 phone in 4 easy steps. This article is for the non-techie who wants to learn how to scan QR Codes.

For those of you who are starting to see those funny looking black and white squares in magazines, billboards, product packaging, magazines, etc. will appreciate this article and how it easily explains how to scan QR codes.

What are QR codes

Quick Response codes are 2d codes are encoded with data such as website addresses, contact information, text, and other information.  They can be used in offline marketing campaigns, on websites, business cards, posters or other items. You can use just about any QR Code scanner that you can find in your phone’s app store to scan QR Codes.
The method that is explained here requires you to download the Barcode Scanner app from Google Play. The app is free and is very easy to use.

How to scan with Samsung Galaxy S9

Follow these steps to scan QR Codes with your Samsung S9 Android phone:
  1. Download the Barcode Scanner by Zxing Team from Google Play
  2. Once downloaded, open the Barcode Scanner app
  3. Place your phone’s camera over a QR code and the app will automatically decode the QR Code and display the website associated with it.
  4. Tap on the link that is displayed on your screen to visit the web page associated with the QR Code. That’s it! You have successfully scanned a QR Code!

More Information on QR Codes

QR Codes are used for a lot of purposes, but over the past few years, I have seen them used for marketing and connecting people to brands and content. Basically as they are used as a bridge to connect the offline and online worlds. The use of QR Codes by large corporations has grown and will continue to grow over the next few years as they learn about the value and convenience they bring to the marketing industry.
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How to scan QR Codes with Samsung Galaxy S9

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