How to Scan QR Code with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Scan QR Codes with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 using virtually any QR Code reader.  I highly recommend the “Barcode Scanner” by the ZXing Team.  This is free and works on virtually any type of Android mobile phone, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  The Barcode Scanner by Zxing Team can be found in the Google Play App Store.  I have used this barcode scanner for years…since 2010!

To scan QR Codes with the “Barcode Scanner” by the ZXing Team on the Samsung Galaxy S5, do the following:

  1. First:  Visit the Google Play App Store and search for “Barcode Scanner”
  2. Next:  Download  the “Barcode Scanner” app to your Samsung Galaxy Phone
  3. Finally:  Once the mobile app is downloaded, tap on the barcode scanner icon and place the phone’s camera over a QR Code (see image below).  

When the QR Code reader detects the QR Code that you are scanning, your phone may beep, ding, or vibrate (it depends on your settings).  Tap on the link to confirm that you want to go online, this will allow you to view the webpage!

That’s it!

There are many resources available on ( including articles and tools you can use immediately!

How to scan QR Codes with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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