How to scan QR codes with Samsung tablet

This post shows you how to scan QR codes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is great resource if you are new to scanning QR Codes are are interested in learning how to use them.

QR codes are becoming very popular and you are likely to see them on advertisements in newspapers, magazines, flyers and television commercials. Fortunately, with their popularity comes a large number of helpful resources that help you to understand the marketing aspect of QR codes from the Mobile Site Link Exchange. SamsungBefore you start marketing with them, you must first understand how to scan them so that you can help your customers scan the mobile barcodes to get the information you will provide for them.

The Samsung Tablet can be a great tool for marketing and scanning bar codes. You can use the information in this article to educate your customers on how to get access to special content offered through your QR codes.

Follow these steps to scan QR Codes

To scan QR codes with your Samsung Galaxy Tab do the following:
  • Download the a barcode scanner from the Google Play App Store. One that I recommend is the Barcode Scanner app by Zxing
  • Next open the barcode scanner by tapping on it’s icon
  • Finally, place your Samsung Galaxy Tab’s camera over the QR code so it fits within the square on your screen.
Easy as 1,2,3!
Your Samsung Galaxy Tab will then decode the QR code and display the contents on your mobile device!

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