Samsung QR Code Reader

Samsung has just done an update that includes an embedded QR Code reader in the phone!

The icon is accessible by swiping down from the top of your phone.  You may have to expand the menu once you expose the shortcuts to display the new QR Code Scanner icon.

This opens up so many possibilities!  I have been teaching audiences all over the world on the uses of QR Codes since 2009!  This update is so exciting because there is no longer a need to download a QR Code app from the app store!  This is true for both Android and Apple/iOS phones.  You can scan QR Codes simply by using the camera, this makes it convenient and does not require much explaining to your customers about how to engage with your brand via the QR Codes. 

Now that Samsung has released this update and included the QR code reader on their phones, marketers and entrepreneurs can really dive in by enhancing their marketing campaigns with QR Codes. 

I have many articles here about marketing with QR Codes, click on one to get started, or click on the page titled, "Start Here'.

How to scan QR Codes

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