Twitter's Hidden QR Code Reader

Did you know that Twitter has a QR Code reader hidden in their mobile app? Yep! They have one and you can do more than just scan QR Codes with the app too.

I discovered it the other day as I was modifying the settings. I actually tested it with multiple QR Codes and found that not only works with Twitter QR Codes, but others as well!

I have more to share including screenshots of the app and mobile pages as well as other screenshots.

Full blog post with instructions coming soon!

Update: New article posted about the Twitter QR Code Scanner

Read the full blog post with instructions here on how to scan QR Codes with the Twitter mobile app here on CTAMarketing! Click here to see how to scan QR Codes with the Twitter mobile app and you can also generate your own! The article also includes screenshots including something really cool that you can do with the Twitter native app.

There are many resources available on ( including articles and tools you can use immediately!

Click on an item to get started.

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