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QR Codes are being used in many industries, organizations, and processes, including the US Postal Service! This article contains a podcast detailing the experience as well as screenshots of the survey offered by the US Postal Service. This serves as a reference for anyone researching ideas on how to use QR codes for marketing, customer relationships, or engaging with an audience using mobile tech or QR Codes.

The US Postal Service uses QR Codes to provide a survey to customers by including them on their printed receipts that are obtained when shipments or purchases are made.

The QR Code was placed near the bottom of the receipt and was very easy to scan with my Samsung phone.

When I scanned the QR Code it lead me to a mobile friendly page that included a form to begin a customer service survey.

Overall, I feel this was a great use of QR Codes a convenient way for customers to leave instant feedback which may increase customer responses to the surveys requested by the US Postal Service.

I have included screenshots of the survey. If you look closely, you will see that I actually scanned the QR Code with the Twitter QR Code reader! Learn more about this very useful feature here.

Postal Service QR Code

Postal Service QR Code Survey

Postal Service Uses QR Codes

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