I am an Audiobook Narrator!

Shawntay - Audiobook Narrator
I have a warm voice that will turn your book into an audio book that listeners will want to hear over and over again! My voice is great for virtually any genre, including everything from nonfiction to romance, to self help to history. I currently host two podcasts. The first is a weekly podcast and is named, The Call to Action Podcast where I share tech and tips with entrepreneurs related to navigating this ever changing world! The other podcast is called, Brilliant Events and Venues where I share everything from unique ideas for attendee engagement to cool venues for hosting your events.

Let's work to make your book an audiobook!

If you would like your book turned into an audiobook, then contact me!  I will record your audiobook and provide the files formatted for distribution on Audible and Amazon.  I have a few samples below, take a listen then send me an e-mail at MyCTAMarketing.biz@gmail.com to learn how we can turn your book into an audiobook for all to hear and enjoy!

Audio Sample 1 - Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Audio Sample 2 - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Audio Sample 3 - Movitational Quote by Roy T. Bennett

Contact Me

Ready to bring life to your book? Contact me via e-mail at MyCTAMarketing.biz so we can get started.


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